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What have I enjoyed through out this semester? I honestly don’t know where to start from. I received massive amount of help and knowledge from our professors. Always around to give us advice or guide us to the right direction. Coventry’s system gave us the opportunity to experience the three majors Graphic Design, Interior Architecture and Design and Digital Media. Which was an exquisite chance to receive because it gave me an idea of what I want to do in the next three years and gave me reassurance that I did not pick the wrong path. In addition, the environment they created for us to work in as a group or as an individual is family friendly, the relationship between a student and a professor isn’t strict it’s like learning from a friend. How they teach us is extremely fun and the presentation is eye-catching which makes us want to learn. Personally what I found the most fascinating task was model making because I got to play around with different materials and colours. I really appreciate the fact that Coventry made it possible for the professors to upload the presentations on an app called Moodle this idea is helpful because we are in a pandemic so if a student was infected with the virus they would stay on track. Overall, I am proud to be a Coventry student.

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Zeina Elmarakby (CU2000076)
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