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We are the future digital media experts. We create creative videos and animations as well as designs for digital platforms.

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Arwa Kheir.JPG

Arwa Kheir

Hey, whats up, its me, Arwa Kheir aka tiktok star sensation; okay maybe not so much. Anyway im a 17 year old studying digital media in The Knowledge Hub Universities. My hobbies include creating small videos with music or skits by that i mean literally creating tiktok videos. My Project includes some photography, an audio and a comic strip, they all talk about something that im very passionate and care about a lot and that is sexual harassment in Egypt. This is a sensitive topic that is rarely talked about and i would like to change that.

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Basmalla Fahmy cropped.JPG

Basmalla Fahmy

Who do you think nose it? For ages the nose has been a major factor that differentiates between races, ethnicities, geographic locations and some even say religions. You’re about to see a series of side portraits (and a bit more) highlighting the variation of nose shapes and sizes through the lens of Basmalla Fahmy,a 17-year-old digital media freshman at Coventry University here in Egypt. Inspired by the award winning project " The world in Faces" by the great Alexander Khimushin. “Every child is an artist”, is a concept my parents decided to implement in the way they raised us, so now when I get to be an artist that inner child still speaks and I think in simple words that is the best description of my personality, I’m that child that never grew up but is willing to go the extra mile to show everyone the world through my eyes

KH -Graphic Elements-02.png

Habiba Mohamed

“If you really want to do something you’ll find a way, if you don’t you’ll find an excuse” Jim Rohn My name is Habiba Mohamed, I was born in 2001 in Cairo, Egypt. I still live there with my mother, father, Hamza and Hazem; my brothers. I also live with my grandparents, my aunt, and my cousins. We live in a big house which can be fun yet tiring sometimes. I went to kindergarten through my senior year at Lycée Concordia. I am a design and media student at The Knowledge Hub, Coventry University. I have a passion for multiple things such as the creative process in the digital media field including content creating, developing ideas, telling a story and editing. This passion helped me gain profound knowledge and I was admitted to the best college. At this moment I am working on my project that introduces one day of Habiba's day showing what I touch since I wake up until I sleep. The project title is “Don’t touch me” since we are in a quarantine because of the corona.

Habiba Mohamad.JPG
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Amr El Qarmalawi.JPG

Amr El Qarmalawi

Amr Al Qarmalawi; a Freshman Digital Media Student at Coventry University very passionate about movies, music and design. My project aims to introduce the art of minimalism in movie posters to the Arab/ Egyptian movie audience/ fans by designing minimal movie posters for a collection of Egyptian & Non-Egyptian beloved and iconic movies.

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Jana Sammy Elsayed.JPG

Jana Sammy

Hi there! My name is Jana Sammy and i’m a 17 year old digital media student currently working on becoming a Certified video editor! Some of my hobbies include creating unique short skits and videos that make some people feel morally petrified , in a good way!

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Janna Ihab.jpeg

Janna Ihab

My name is Janna Ihab. I’m 19 years old and my passion is fashion design. “Nobody is perfect” is one of my favorite quotes that I live by because it shows that you don’t have to be perfect to have a perfect life. Moreover, I want to become a famous fashion designer and have my own brand. But I want to travel the world and have fun and attend fashion shows.

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Malak Ashraf

“Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.”– Soren Kierkegaard
I am Malak Ashraf, I was born in 1999 and I am the eldest of four children. I am fully Egyptian, I was born and raised in Egypt. I graduated from Concordia International School it’s a french school in new cairo, and that is why it was a little bit difficult for me to cope with everything we take in university because it is all in english and I learned my whole life in french but I can say now that I got through these obstacles and I am very proud. On the other hand, I really enjoy each moment in my life, I always want to gain experiences, therefore, I am a responsible person and I care a lot about people. My family and my friends are everything in my life. Moreover, I am not an athletic person at all because I don’t really like sports. However, my dream is to travel the world and take photographs of different places in the world and that is why I want to be a film editor and this was the reason why I chose the major digital media. My project is about an advertisement of a store named “verdun “ I will be presenting a small video showing the new summer collection created from a photoshoot of a model presenting the outfits of this store.

Malak ashraf .jpeg
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Mariam El Nagdi.JPG

Mariam El Nagdi

Heyy! It’s Mariam Elnagdi, a Digital Media student at Coventry University. I’m a horse rider and I understand the hardships and the sacrifices that we, as athletes, do to achieve in our sport. So, I did two short films of two inspiring athletes and showed their stories.

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Haidy Shalkamy.jpeg

This project is about Sexual Harassment in Egypt. The purpose of this project is to show how women are powerful and have the ability to defend themselves. Also, I want to show that the problem is not what any woman wears, it’s how men think. In this online exhibition, there will be there will be two videos. The first video will be an interview that has four different girls talking about sexual harassment in Egypt, last time they got harassed and what did they do and what they should have they done, and give advice to other women at the end of the video. The purpose of this video is to give more awareness to other women. The second video will have different pictures of different outfits that girls get harassed with and quotes to encourage women to stand up for themselves. The purpose of this video is to show to the people that the problem is how men think that with what women wear.

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Nour Ahmed.JPG

Nour Ahmed

I’m young, I like art and technology, I’m also kinda tall and that’s all you need to know about me! My dream is to hopefully make games for a living cuz we all deserve a little break from reality. You get one shot at life, so just have a little fun and play silly games.

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Omar Abdelraouf.jpg

Omar Abdel Raouf

My name is Omar Abdelraouf and I'm a couch survivor. I've left an indentation in my couch and now the area's depression is almost impossible to ignore. Thus, I must fill the void I've created to conceal the shame of its existence. My feet forgot what ground tastes like, and shoes, but not socks; the socks are an indispensable asset of warmth that they'd rather die than lose them. it's convenient that feet have no sense of smell. I hate clocks, they remind me of time, which I also hate. It's never enough, always either too much of it or too little. Of course, I don't have any clocks at home, because why should I worry about what I can't control? I like waking up at dusk or dawn; the feeling of disorientation I feel when awake is always fulfilling. For my project, I'm making a comic about a heroic man who journeys to find the cure to the Corny virus as he must fulfill his epic destiny to protect himself from it. Thanks.

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Rana Magdy.JPG

Rana Magdy

My name is Rana Magdy. I am a 17-year-old digital media student who goes to Coventry university in Egypt. Two things I’m very passionate about are photography and traveling and I like to combine both at times. My dream is to travel the world carrying my camera to show people the beauty in every little thing. Capturing beauty in every detail brings me so much joy, that is why in love minimalist photography as many people say “sometimes less is more”. Not only do I like to be minimalist in my photography and videography, but I also like to be minimalist in my daily life.

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Verginia #2 .jpeg

Verginia Mounir

“The difference between a successful person and others is not lack of strength not a lack of knowledge but rather a lack of will.”– Vince Lombardi. I’m Verginia sherif, I’m fully Egyptian i was born and raised in Egypt, I’m 18 years old. I desire to be one of the few, who enjoy to experience alot in life and like to try new things. Having experienced incalculable situations i gained a confident, responsible and independent personality; I really like to take photographs of different views and i desire to be a photographer and film editor this is the reason why i chose to study digital media as I’m committed about the future ahead of me. Photography and editing brings out the creative and artistic side of me. My project is about a trip to Egypt i will be creating a short film viewing the exciting and historical places around Egypt to encourage more tourists to come visit Egypt since there has been a decline for the last 5 years. That way they can feel more secure and safe when visiting Egypt.

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Wafaa Darwish.JPG

Wafaa Darwish

Hii My name is Wafaa Ahmed . I’m 18 years old , A digital media student. I believe One of the most precious gifts in the world is nature. Every single scene in nature.. Reflects a message ... Simply these messages are the“ Insights” , I believe we should extract them through meditation. The more you attentively receive the message, the more you will feel the beauty of life and gain wisdom. We should open eyes to see and receive the messages of earth everyday . This amazing globe calls us to open eyes for our hearts and acquire these insights. As for me “Wafaa” I am enjoying studying a career that helps me reflect the beauty of globe to people and send a message to save earth,and keep them aware of how to be themselves not what others drive them to be ! Last but not least to give back the beauty and say .. Thank you for the gifts of nature. And attract people’s attention to care about it and save Earth as well.

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Yomna ElShenawy.jpeg

Yomna El Shenawy

Hellooo , my name is Yomna and I am 19 years old who is very passionate about photography and filmmaking. I love playing with colors and effects while editing any media I have and that’s why I decided to do Tik Toks videos for my final major project. As everything have changed due to that we are all staying in self quarantine, I’ll be filming how I spend the days . In the form of short series ( day 1 , day 2 ... etc.) All short videos will be added together to be displayed as 1 video at the end. Genre : comedy

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Youssef Amir.JPG

Youssef Amir

An innovative creative digital Media student at Coventry Universiy whom has various work experiences in event management/ marketing and photography. As a firm believer of the saying "Great things never come from comfort zones." he is portraying a series of short movies, one about productive learning through an experiment called " Learning is Fun". The Plastic Man which covers pollution and plastic usage, and finally a an awarness campaign about social distancing due to the COVID-19 called #StayAtHome.

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Eman Helmy.JPG

Eman Helmy

My name is eman, I’m a 20 year old digital media student at Coventry University. One of the quotes that i relate to and inspire me is “only god can judge me” -Tupac ShakurOther than photography and videography, i’m obsessed with motorcycles. So I thought why not combine all what I’m passionate about to take you on a ride with one of egypt’s motorcycle clubs.

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