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We Do Graphics.

We are the future graphic design experts. We will be able to create artwork on digital platforms, print and product designing. We are the future of branding, logo creation and designing corporate identity visuals.  

Want to see more of our work? 

Check out just some of what we've been up to below

KH -Graphic Elements-11.png

Aly El Amir

I am 19 years old and a fan of many things, but two of my go-to favourite things are editing and fashion. I’ve always loved fashion but I only totally fell in love with it 3 years ago when I went to Dubai. After that trip I started to dive deeper into the fashion industry, this included a lot of research, watching documentaries and interviews. Ever since then I started designing clothes for my first clothing line ‘A Minute To Space’.

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Ganna Rizk

I am 19 years old and have been interested in Graphic Design, in specific the making of logos and conveying visual identity. I developed this passion in grade 9. I believe that when you choose to work in something you are passionate about, you do not feel you are working. Hence, I chose to study Graphic Design as my undergraduate studies.

I have tried to use this FMP to expand more on what I am interested in. I have rebranded an ophthalmology center that belongs to my father and his friends.

KH -Graphic Elements-04.png
Malak El Shahawy Bio Image.jpg

Malak El Shahawy

Hi, I’m Malak El Shahawy, and I’m an 18 year old hoping to major in Graphic Design. If I was going to summarize myself in a couple of words I’d say I’m a really chill and more low-key individual. Through my work in Graphic Design, I would like to show bits and pieces of what goes on in my head and what I love, in a way that relates to you. There’s no specific style to my work but there’s always a bigger concept and story to everything I make, so in a way, design and creativity in general give me a sense of purpose. This FMP is a commercial me, it features my love for streetwear, and the brand down to every piece of clothing is made of my own memories and thoughts about Cairo, a city we can all relate to.

KH -Graphic Elements-11.png

Mariam Ahmed

My name is Mariam and I have just completed my first year at TKH Coventry University in design and media!

Since an early age I have been interested in lots of different

areas of art, design and technology, which is why I have chosen the Graphic Design pathway to study as of next academic year. I am particularly interested in and enjoy illustration – and you will usually find me around campus with a pencil, markers and sketch book in hand!

With my illustration and graphic design interests, I decided that for my final major project, I would design and illustrate a children’s book, ‘The Adventures of Stu’, a Scotty dog from Scotland. I also wanted to go a little further and make a version of the book, specifically for children with dyslexia.

The final major project meant, for me, not only focusing on one part of the syllabus we have taken this year or my specific interests– I actually found it an opportunity to practice the many different areas we have covered, including digital media and architecture. With this in mind, I not only created a children’s book, but an event complete with a model and interior decoration, examples of literacy worksheets available through a QR code, merchandise, an animation attached to the promotional poster through an app and even a 3D promotional window display.

It has been an amazing year, full of new experiences and I can’t wait to begin next year!

KH -Graphic Elements-06.png

Marwan Nabet

I am 18 years old and I have many interests like acting, singing, drawing and writing novels. I am currently studying graphic design in order to achieve my goal which is to open my own production company and turn all my written novels to movies as well as creating all of the posters and effects and because of this, I will be unique.  My  favorite quote says '' Never leave your work to the next day” and “ always depend on yourself, never on others” because no one can do your job perfectly as you will and that is why I want to be professional in everything. So I will not have to depend on others in the future.

My final major project is creating a visual identity of a healthy food store which also offers a delivery service in order  to encourage people to live a healthy lifestyle but face problems because of their work or busy schedules, therefore don’t have the time to cook healthy food. With the idea of offering a healthy store that includes all the things you will need to live healthy with the addition of delivering food to any place at anytime, I created the name ‘fresh life.’ For the slogan I used  Go Healthy  because it can easily grab the reader's attention and make him feel energetic when they read it. It will also make the person  want to know more about what the store offers and will leave the questioning if the individual wants to live a healthy lifestyle.

KH -Graphic Elements-04.png

Mayar Afify

Hi my name is Mayar Afify, I’m 18 years old. I’m a majoring graphic design. To me, creativity and design are synonymous. Design has a profound impact on how we perceive the world and studying it will constantly challenge and stimulate my creativity and analytical skills beyond the academic setting. Having been the editor of the school’s newspaper, putting together stories and deciding on designs and photographs was very inspiring, despite the challenges, and it undoubtedly motivated me to study Design. Thus, I strongly believe that Design is the epitome of self-expression and individuality, and that it is a very powerful platform for sharing emotions, ideas and experiences.

 I’m interested in brand/ visual identity. I chose this idea because I wanted to communicate personally with the manger which in this case my dad. Graphic design is all about communication. I visited the factory and company’s headquarters at the 10th of Ramadan city, in order to understand the product and processes take place to produce it, also visiting the place and discussing the vision and mission helped me understand identity of the company. However, in the light of the Coronavirus outbreak, the Egyptian government required its citizens to remain in their homes and limit any excursions to with the bag, the notebook, the business card and the keychain. As an alternative, I sketched the designs in my sketchbook and used the remaining leather for the business card for there was enough material to create it only. Here are some of my work.

KH -Graphic Elements-11.png
Exhibition display pic.jpg

Mohamed Elsayed

I’ve always been into art and drawing since I was young.I used to gather all my cousins and siblings to draw together and create masterpieces.I also love singing and music in general but that’s for another time.

My main focus now is on graphic design, as it is the major I’m currently studying. In this project I decided to make a small comic book, more like a coffee table book, about a guy named “Mr. Stress A Lot”. He always does the clumsiest things because of how stressed he always is.Accompanying him is a frog ,Lily, that always has a smug smile on her face and acts like the queen of the world.

It’s going to be a book and a bunch of merchandise such as keychains, mugs and t-shirts.  Oh I totally forgot to tell you that Mr.S.A happens to have a cup of noodles in his grip that most of the time gets spilled or maybe thrown at someone.

KH -Graphic Elements-06.png

Omar Ahmed

I can make any good thing trashy (try me). My only goal with my art is to have the skill set I need to make whatever art I want to make and that’s where enrolling in this graphic design course comes in and I’m sorry in advance for representing this University in any capacity, the trash I put out is in no way indicative of what they teach us here everyone’s great, I promise.
TL;DR I like trash and I make trash

I Control What You Like is a meta alternative music magazine covering music that strays a fair bit away from convention without being entirely unpalatable to most people (hopefully).


KH -Graphic Elements-04.png

Razan Fawzi

Hello,I am Razan

I am 18 years old. Imagine that the hardest thing I face in life is to concentrate for 5 minutes maybe  4 minutes, okay it's 2 minutes. All my brain can think about is Tom and Jerry.

I always choose hard ways. I am a professional table tennis player, so I  need to concentrate a lot. Moreover I decided to join design school so maybe I can get over Tom & Jerry to more creative thoughts. I choose graphic design to be my major.  Now I can sit for hours enjoying day dreaming.I chose my final major project to be a mental health awareness campaign because I wanted to create something that benefits our community rather than a normal advertisement. It is about stopping the stigma which means when someone sees you in a negative way because of your mental illness or being ashamed of having mental health disorder. I created two separate campaigns one for adults and one for children.

All of them under the same slogan: stop hiding and seek a better future.


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Salma Abdallah

My name is Salma Aballah, I am 18 years old and I am half British, half

Egyptian. People who know me know that I am a very energetic and passionate but an extremely clumsy person - otherwise known as a weirdo or tweety. I love helping people and giving back to the community, therefore in my free time I tend to organise trips to different animal shelters and care homes or orphanages.

Aside from studying graphic design, I work as a tutor helping children with learning disabilities with their school work, this is one of the factors which inspired my project.

My project is all about deviating from the idea that disabilities are only

physical, when in reality, they are way more than that. There are so many people you yourself see daily, and don't even realise they have a disability like Autism, Dyslexia or Dyscalculia. With my project, I created a campaign that promoted asking questions about disabilities by using books, posters, interactive walls, t-shirts and more.

All in the hopes to raise awareness about four different

disabilities and answer questions many people have about them but don’t get the chance to ask.

KH -Graphic Elements-04.png

Zaina kamel

I am Zaina Hesham Kamel. I love to play Kickboxing, Cycling, and Basketball. I mostly like to listen to different types of music throughout my day. My main interests include drawing self portraits and nature. Furthermore, I enjoy going out to Malls and Movie Theaters to watch the latest movies. I also attend many music concerts with my family and friends.

Sometimes I play puzzles with my brother and sisters. I am not into playing football nor watching horror movies because I get scared easily.

My interests also include buying new advanced cameras, all the latest and greatest in the market, so I can record videos with high quality resolution, especially at night time. I like to work digitally, using apps like  Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, and Imovie for Editing. All of which are related to Graphic Design projects. When it comes to editing, most of my work is somehow related to creating fun videos. All of my interests had eventually led me to choose the Graphic Designer pathway.

My final project focuses on my favorite Egyptian celebrity, Tamer Hosny. Tamer Hosny is a Singer, Actor, Music Composer, and Songwriter. I chose Tamer Hosny because he is one of the most successful and talented stars in our generation, he is also my Idol.

My project includes my final design logo that I rebranded for Tamer. I started with designing 5 new different ideas for Caps, with different colors to match the final logo. I made different Posters manually, and also Digitally. I focused on using effects, and also neon colors in my designs. Moreover, I made multiple tickets with a number of creative designs for the new campaign. Finally, I have created a new CD cover for the upcoming Album in 2020

KH -Graphic Elements-06.png

Yosof Meselhy

Yussuf Salah '18 graduated from Own Heliopolis IGCSE School. At Own Heliopolis, Yussuf was a tremendous student. He was in charge of the Art activities at the school and accomplished a couple of certificates in regards to his effort.. Outside of school, Yussuf also had activites and passion as he always tried to gain experience from real and professional life. Yussuf  has a lot of work experience in different fields but mainly in the field of advertisement. Yussuf is currently at The Knowledge Hub Universities (Coventry University) and plans to pursue a major in Digital Media. Also, he achieved a Professional Diploma in Graphic Design from one of the educating centres in Egypt Certified from Microsoft. After graduation, Yussuf plans to work in one of the advertising agencies and to prove himself leading into initiating his own agency.

KH -Graphic Elements-11.png
my pic.jpg

Yehia El Manawaty

My name is Yehia El Manawaty I’m 19 years old and currently studying graphic design at Coventry university. There are many things I like about graphic design which are that I get to create. I get to show the creativity of my designs, moreover I will get to collaborate with other creative and marketing professionals. I hope that I will inspire others with my designs. My strengths are that I like working digitally, I am able to develop my skills on any program in no time. My interests are creating brand identities and everything regarding advertising. I chose graphic design for different reasons. In the future I want to help executives make their ideas into visual reality, I want people to come to me for my ideas and to complete their business plan. I believe that Graphic design is always evolving and is a great career for staying youthful. I also think that every business needs a graphic designer. Since graphic design is always evolving, it creates an ongoing demand for each individual’s creativity.

For my FMP I chose to rebrand a burger shop, and design everything all from scratch. I was able to create over 20 designs all with different materials, from creating a menu to designing a plan for the restaurant. I chose this project in order to highlight my skills in branding and advertising.

KH -Graphic Elements-06.png

Nour Abdel Hakim

My name is Nour Abdel hakim, I used to be an IGCSE student and am currently studying graphic design at Coventry university. This is my final major project, in which I chose to create a brand. My brand is called “Embrodrip,” it is a brand that produces embroidered street style/ oversized unisex clothing. Street style and oversized started from oversized sports jerseys and is now one of the most disruptive forces in fashion. The purpose of Embrodrip is to provide the world with comfy, unique and cool clothing which are so bold to the extent that they make a statement. I created a couple of designs which reflect the interests of people nowadays. It was a complicated process, I looked for inspiration, sketched designs and then embroidered them with my hand using only a needle and thread. The final outcomes of the designs were a success, I later on created the packaging (paper bags), labels and tags then finished it off with a photoshoot to present my content.

KH -Graphic Elements-04.png

Mariam Badawi

My name is Mariam Badawi. My hobbies are modelling, drawing and music. I used to work as a part time model and it is my favourite thing ever! I also love movies, especially Drama’s.

All my life I have dreamt whether I should become a fashion designer or an actor. They are my two favourite things because I love fashion so much. I ended up enrolling onto a course of study that I never dreamt about, Graphic Design.  Never in my life did I think I would do Graphic Design as I did not know how to use a computer or any other type of software.  This pathway was not in my mind at first. I found it extremely hard, because I was only just starting to learn how to use the computer, and at the same time learn how to create new graphics and pictures. By doing Graphic Design I have created a project that brings together my love of fashion and my new abilities I have learnt on this pathway.  It is still very hard but I still loved doing this project.

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