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This exploration module has greatly impacted my creativity and confidence. I have always felt too self-conscious to step out of my comfort zone to let my creative juices flow, I hated the idea of spending days working on an art piece that people could perceive as ‘too basic’. Attending every workshop session where we were encouraged to explore and make mistakes, my fear gradually diminished. The compliments I received from my colleagues really helped boost my confidence too, and that is when I let my guard down and experimented with various materials and ideas.

I genuinely enjoyed the three projects, however, Graphic Design was certainly my favourite. Although the workload was the heaviest, I enjoyed the stress of it and would go through it again because I would have never learnt these things on my own. I love how free I felt when I was painting to music, and how I can now understand what each colour represents just by looking at it, and the way line art motivated me to push my limits further, and how I saw my character come to life when we practiced animation. Through this module, I have developed a much deeper connection with art.

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Malak Wassim Galal (CU2000049)
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