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This module has allowed me to explore, experiment, and indulge in the three pathways provided at Coventry University TKH: Graphic Design, Interior Architecture, and Digital Media. Throughout this exploration module, I was constantly encouraged to explore all possibilities, techniques, methods, and theories in order to maximize the knowledge and skills I could gain. I was pushed to experiment with my ideas within each project, creating outcomes that I am most definitely proud of. Moreover, I enjoyed the fact that this module allowed room for, and even encouraged, us to make mistakes. This module did not aim for perfection, even though the perfectionist within me tried to, it aimed for full indulgence, exploration, and experimentation within each project, task, and outcome, ultimately providing me with the perfect opportunity to freely, and fully, explore and develop my skills and newly gained knowledge on various techniques and theories. My journey throughout this exploration module has proven to be extremely beneficial to me, my upcoming endeavors, and my chosen pathway.

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Malak Abouelenein (CU2000155)
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