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Looking back and reflecting upon this past semester, I am very grateful for my professors and lecturers as they have put extreme effort and hard work in order to broaden and help us gain as much information as we could regarding the three Design and Media fields: Graphic Design, Interior Architecture, and Digital Media. I personally enjoyed the third project: ‘Digital Applications’ the most. This is because I have genuinely gained a lot of new information and experiences due to the new usage of an editing program such as ‘Premier Pro’ as I had no idea how to work with it however proceeded to then successfully edit a whole minute of footage as participation in the film, we created in our groups of three. Another reason was because of how much fun I had working in a group and filming a short film which is something I had never done before prior to this semester. In contrast to so, throughout this semester and during the exploration of all three fields, it massively helped me choose my preferred major and reassure myself that Graphic Design is what I feel the most passionate about and will hopefully succeed in the most in the future. This is because I feel as though as I learn more and in depth in regard to this field, I will give it my 100% and perfect it with time.

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Halaa Saber (CU2000692)
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