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During this semester, the Design and Media Exploration Module, I have learned and explored many techniques, skills and applied them. I really enjoyed exploring all three majors especially because I was not sure of what major I am choosing. This module gave me the opportunity to choose my major and I chose interior architecture and design. By exploring and trying the different techniques and skills that come with the three projects, it gave me an opportunity to learn and apply many of these techniques and skills in my work. I presented my work of the three projects, some were good, and some were average, but I really enjoyed learning new things and being put in all kinds of artist’s shoes. The project I enjoyed the most was the interior architecture and design project because we mostly worked practically and the outcome of the model was very pleasing and to see my hard work paying off in the other project was delighting as well.

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Farida Abou Zeid (CU2000640)
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