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My name is Canzy Ashraf Youssef, and I am a Design and Media student who is looking forward to take the major of Digital Media. This module was a surprising and exciting too, I have never been though some of the projects that I have took but special thanks for our doctors made everything come smoothly. Moreover, I knew myself more what I have liked and now I know that I really more into digital working as filming, editing and designing. I have really enjoyed every single day as well as I also knew for a fact that typography is the most important thing that gets everyone’s attention. Coming first with graphic design project it was terrifying as a start everything as knew but I have liked the color theory and also I have been now using it in my daily life. Secondly, Interior design was not really my thing as I really did not like cutting and measuring objects but in addition to I have learnt the contrast of colors are important. Finally, Digital media I have worked a lot through this project starting from filming till exporting the film and I am really excited about the next module.

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Canzy Youssef (CU2000294)
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