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The exploration module presented a perfect opportunity for me to familiarize myself with three different majors. Before I had taken the course, my previous knowledge on all of the three majors discussed in the module was very limited. Not only did I enhance both, my knowledge and skills, throughout this semester, but I was also able to distinguish the major that interested me the most and the field in which I could see myself working in on the longer run. The model gives you a very insightful perspective on all three majors, as the coursework requires you to pay attention to the details to every major. This contributes positively to the academic growth of every student because it lays out a common ground for students to attain enhanced knowledge on different majors. I was able to develop from this opportunity on a personal level because the multidimensional approach that was used in this course helped me discover new interests that I had not been aware of.

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Sarah Farag (CU2001183)
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