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Zeina Agwa
Interior Architecture-Foundation student

Hey! My name is Zeina Agwa. I am a Design and Media student who will be majoring in Interior architecture and design. I really don’t know what to say about this phenomenal year. Coventry gave us an amazing opportunity to experience three different majors: Graphic Design, Interior Architecture and Design, and Digital Media. It was an amazing opportunity because it gave me a chance to experience three different majors in the same year and it gave me reassurance that I did choose the right major. Also, they made us experience all kinds of work and work environments. The doctors made us enjoy learning, it was always fun. The thing I enjoyed doing the most was model making. I got to play with different materials and see what works and what does not. We built four models and it was an amazing feeling to see how I progressed in my model making skills from my first model to my latest model. Overall, it was an overwhelming year which was full of new and exciting moments.

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