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Amira Aref
Digital Media Student

Hi!! My name is Amira and my intended pathway is Digital Media! I enjoy all types of art, from drawing and painting to music, film, and literature. It’s a great passion of mine and the reason I chose Design, specifically Digital Media, as the pathway I would pursue. There are many reasons I love design, but the true reason will always be the reach it has and the abstract ways it can have an impact on people’s thoughts and lives. It’s a powerful tool that can enable its master to accomplish many things, while also being a creative outlet where we can express our endless thoughts and ideas. This year the projects came one after the other, it felt like a story unfolding in front of our eyes, and as time went on, I came to understand the job of a designer deeper. Our tutors were always there to provide any assistance we needed to grow and solve problems, watching them explain what they are passionate about also allowed me to see the level of dedication and understanding they have of the design world and their work. My advice for anyone who would join this major is to not be afraid to explore ideas & do research, and definitely to manage your time. People say being creative requires courage, and that’s because this creativity grows from our own thoughts and inner conflicts, not just skills like matching colors and coming up with ideas, it requires deep soul searching and not being afraid to experiment and try everything.

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