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I entered this module as just a photographer, with a need to find something to create and a way to create it. As I started working and engaging in the module, I felt like I was unlocking my potential as for every task I made, I learned to accept my weakness in some fields and try to do my best at it. This made me able to evolve and get better by myself. Each task given had me create something new using the techniques that were newly introduced to me pushing me away from my comfort zone, which was present in photography only. At the end of this module I became more independent; I found ways to always have something to create. I was also able to get inspired from others work. Also being limited by deadlines had me focused more on my time management and my efficiency of work. I may have entered this module considering myself a photographer who can do some interesting edits, but now with all that I’ve learned I consider myself a creator who still has so much to learn.

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Ziad Ahmed (CU2000919)
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