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My name is Valentin, I am a student at Coventry Design and media swell as I am majoring in Digital Media, I really enjoyed this last model out of all as I was amazed by the process of filming and editing. As the models were moving I was deciding and crossing out the ones I wasn’t really into, and decided to go with Digital Media. Graphic design was overwhelming the first day which showed me the true side of University. Photography was my favorite activity out of this first module. Secondly, Interior design was nice but way more difficult, I really enjoyed the process of creating a mini house from foam beard and designing it. Finally, Digital media which I learned so much through this project, I adored especially the filming process and acting which lead to editing which was really confusing but got it in the end, I can’t wait for the next term to start Digital Media.

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Valentin Maroccia (CU2000862)
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