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My name is Suhaila Eldalgamony, I study Design and Media at Coventry University.This module was very challenging yet so fun. I gained so many skills and learned new techniques. In this module I tried studying and exploring three different majors.In our first project, Graphic Design, I enjoyed using Adobe photoshop so much as I always wanted to learn how to create logos and play around with different fonts and colours, another thing I enjoyed in this project was monoprinting it is a fun technique that gives you the ability to create different patterns using different colours and materials. My second project was for Interior Architecture and Design which was my favourite, building a 3D model was one of the most hard things to do, but yet it was the best experience in the whole module. Drawing a floor plan for a place that doesn't exist then building it the way you imagined is a great pleasure. Finally my Digital Media project, The most enjoyable technique in this project was filming, I had so much fun doing so. Overall, this module was so amusing and I am looking forward to explore and discover more in the upcoming modules.

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Suhaila El Dalgamony (CU2000626)
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