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Throughout this exploration module I have learnt to experiment with a range of media,
materials and processes, research, evaluate and critically reflect on how a range of research sources
has helped develop my understanding and progress. I’ve also developed my problem solving skills,
research skills, as well as my model making skills. I enjoyed how I was able to experiment with a
variety of media and explore different projects. From exploring graphic design, imagery,
photography, and visual language to interior design and developing a 3D model, to digital media
and creating a 3 minute film using different digital applications like premier and photoshop. I’ve
also grown more confident with the guidance and support of the staff as well as their project
feedback which really guided me to improve and reflect on my sketchbook in a variety of different
areas. I have really enjoyed this module even though I’ve struggled with the workload but I’ve
managed to maintain an outstanding level of work.

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Sondos Hothaifa (CU2000101)
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