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“Every great design begins with an even better story” (Lorinda Mamo) Hey, my name is Shahd Eid and I am a Design and Media student in Coventry University. I hope in the next couple of years I would want to be studying Interior Architecture and Design as my major. What I really enjoyed about this module is the way we think before beginning a task and to explore it further to make it better. We do not just do a task and get done with it. We learn from it and get each other’s feedback on how to improve it. Our module relies on physical work, we are exploring different techniques, materials and applications. Our motto is Research, Understand, Apply. We were told every time to do some research on the task then we must understand it and finally apply it as much as we can. This really helped us to accomplish our assignment easily. Overall, I would never have thought that I can be creative like this before.

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Shahd Ahmed Eid (CU2000011)
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