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I was able to experience an enjoyable and informative module through this semester, I have managed to learn a plethora of skills that I would not have otherwise ever gotten into. It was a challenge, but that is not to say I did not like it. These challenges allowed me to really push myself to learn new things. I did not tackle these challenges alone though as the professors assisted me when I asked. Moreover, I was able to explore all the possible pathways of my career and I managed to gain a considerable amount of knowledge on each of them. I joined design and media with the goal of being an interior designer. Although this goal has not changed, I am grateful that I managed to explore the alternatives and gain a better idea of my fellow designer’s future paths. This module allowed me to discover several abilities that I had zero knowledge about beforehand. Take editing, for example, now I can confidently say that I am a somewhat a skilled editor. Overall, the module was an eye opener to a lot of things I would have never explored, and I really enjoyed the journey it took me on.

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Sarah Kotb (CU2000032)
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