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I had a great time during the exploration module. The first thing I really enjoyed was how we were taught theories through tasks and implementation because I think it was an effective way to interact and understand the theory. Also, I found it interesting that we had to include in our sketchbooks all our failed attempts and what worked and what didn’t. When I faced any problems, I had to critically think and figure out what to alternatively do in order to achieve what I wanted. In addition, there were multiple exercises done in groups that made the process of getting to know my colleagues easier and a lot of fun. However, I believe the thing that made me enjoy the first semester most was that we were always encouraged by our professors to think without barriers and to learn from our mistakes – this made creating for me more exciting and experimental. Also, it was great getting to learn about the other pathways and seeing the links between all of them. Overall, I learned a lot during this module and I am looking forward to the next one.

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Sara El Meniawy (CU2000209)
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