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I have learned many things about Graphic design, interior architecture, and digital media
throughout this semester. Every project was uniquely different in its way, and I enjoyed working
with others around me, exchanging ideas. The most exciting project for me was digital media
because I enjoy filming and editing. It was fun being able to use the green screen and props.
Building my room was something new to me because it was my first time making a room from
scratch with correct measurements; it was entertaining and time-consuming because it kept me
busy. In graphic design, the messy rooms and group activities were fun to do, the messy room
was all hands on deck, so it was fun to work with paint and play around with different materials.
Overall this semester was very educational because I felt like I improved my theoretical
perspectives regarding annotation and researching. I believe that I still need to improve and work
on enhancing my creativity skills.

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Saja Elembaby (CU2000177)
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