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During my exploration module I felt challenged by tasks I have never attempted before. By interactively engaging with my peers, I soon established that overcoming these challenging tasks will need perseverance and it will challenge my creative side more than ever before. I realized that I felt the urge to perfect my projects rather than just getting them done. I knew I had an eye for detail yet after this module I apprehended that I have an eye for perfection.
Sketching and then building a model of my chosen interior commodity was the most enjoyable aspect of my module as I really realized how a design can come to life and become reality. It portrayed the importance of designers in every field to me and that every aspect counts and that even a slight slip up could be costly.
Overall, this module assured me that I have chosen the right major and I cannot wait to continue challenging myself and interacting with my peers to achieve the best possible results.

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Rana Shoukry (CU2001020)
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