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There were many aspects to this module that I found to be intriguing and enjoyable. For example, in the first project, it was refreshing to be given tasks like monoprinting where I was granted the opportunity to use an array of different tools. In addition to that, learning how to use Adobe Photoshop was an unforgettable experience in which I relished as I walked away with virtuous knowledge about the application and its tools. Even though the second project revolved around elements of interior architecture, which isn’t my strong suit, I still enjoyed learning about model making and its techniques. As well as getting to construct my own model out of various materials. Above all that, what I loved the most was what the third project had to offer: an exploration of several different film production components including planning, cinematography, and montaging. Finally utilizing the production programs idly sitting on my desktop felt stimulating. To use them for the production of an actual film felt even better. On the whole, this module gave me a memorable experience never-to-be-forgotten.

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Nour Mahmoud (CU2000987)
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