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What I enjoyed most about the exploration module was that we were encouraged to explore and make mistakes. Consequently, I took more chances and stepped out of my comfort zone. Furthermore, I got the opportunity to learn various techniques which I was pleased with and would not have discovered them without this module. For instance, I was taught how to create a monoprint and photomontage. Moreover, I liked that we worked in groups multiple times because I was greatly inspired by the work made by my colleagues. In addition, this course made me change my views on photography. To clarify, I disliked using a camera to take pictures because I was unfamiliar with the process; however, I have significantly improved and I found out about the different ways I could take photos such as using shutter photography. Not to mention that the approaches that I have studied, such as colour theory, have helped me with all three projects and I believe will also guide me in the future. Besides this, I was able to experience some tasks related to each design pathway and that made me confident in my choice which is to select interior design and architecture.

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Nardine Youssef (CU2000930)
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