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My favorite module, I would say was the second one. Throughout the spaces and places project we experienced aspects related to interior architecture, we were introduced to the basics if architectural design. We understood how the structure of a design and plan begins, which is through a zoning plan, floor plan, circulation plan, behavior plan, passive and active plan. All of these steps lead to the purpose of the room, rather purpose should be taken in considerations through the designing of the room. You have to successfully manage to use every angle in the right way. The designer would be dealing with the construction of the space, allowing with its design. In most projects, you are given certain measurements and you have to design the space based on them and go above and beyond so that it would satisfy your client. However, an interior architect could totally change the interior structure of a space and try to come up with a new structure whilst following the dimensions to design the room. I personally found the physical aspect of this project so interesting; we would basically bring our designs to life. After planning the design of our space and drawing the plans we ho to build a 3D model using different materials However we still did digital work of our space, designing it on “sketch up” using the exact same dimensions and materials. I enjoyed developing my model in different ways and reflecting back in its purpose and design. Which leads me to the final module in this semester.

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Mohamed Mahgoub (CU2000338)
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