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Hi my name is Lara Heiba, I am 18 years old. I am a design and media student at Coventry university. In this module I have I learned a lot about the 3 division (graphic design, interior architecture, and digital media) there was a lot research and projects thought the semester.In the beginning, we had to research about a lot of definitions, theories, and famous graphic designers. Therefore I found that Egyptians are often cited as the first logo designers I was so happy to know that my ancient grandfathers were the first to create the idea of logo design and that in the future I will continue what they started.
One of the projects that I really liked working on was the photography of a sequenced narrative and the defaced manipulation.My favorite project this semester was creating a module of an interior space of my choice, which I choose to build an art studio.
I learned a lot of skills concerning how to match the colors, textures, and shapes together, I learned how to create color palettes. Also learning about film making and editing was fun , which we had to create a film that represents a story in our modules.

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Lara Heiba (CU2000303)
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