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I can definitely say that this module was filled with fun moments and extremely enjoyable interactive activities.

I enjoyed a lot of the tasks assigned to us on the first project: Drawing and Design. Some of the tasks that I enjoyed the most are photography in motion, perspective cutouts where we printed our full body photos on a small scale and photographed them next to regular sized objects, and big and small narratives where we used tiny characters and objects to create a full scene on a very small scale.

As for the second project, I loved model making. It was very fun to create a kids’ playroom with mainly foam and balsa wood. It was challenging to build miniature furniture and make a stable two-story model but the end result was rewarding.

And lastly, I absolutely loved green screen filming. It was very fun to bring out our inner actors and actresses to create a short movie with a well thought out plot.

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Farah Sallam (CU2000221)
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