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Hi! My name is Farah, and these are some of the reasons why I enjoyed the exploration module. One of those would be experimentation and pushing my work further. At first it is natural to be nervous and try to strive for perfection in all your work thinking it would get you the best grade possible, but you would be surprised. I soon found out that this was not the case, mistakes and countless of tries were always welcome. Knowing that relieved a lot of stress and made it a lot more fun. It was exciting to experiment with different techniques to see what works and what does not. Even carrying forward those that worked and applying it to different pieces of work. Furthermore, another reason I liked it was because of group work. It was interesting to see what my fellow colleagues thinking process is like and how different dynamics work together to create one idea from several. Overall, this module has helped me grow, become more confident in my work and with expressing myself through it.

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Farah Abdel Ghaffar (CU2000278)
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