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I’m Alia, and I’ve had an affinity for everything design since forever. Through the Exploration module, I had the opportunity to explore three different, yet inter-related fields. Firstly, the Graphic Design project was enlightening as I was studying an area which I previously had background in since high school, and this allowed me to further develop my digital skills and knowledge on it. The Interior Architecture and Design project is my favorite because it’s related to what I aim to specialize in next year. In this project, I learned the basics of model-making and enjoyed constructing my own model; moreover, I created it digitally on SketchUp. This experience gave me insight into how the upcoming years are going to be in IAD at TKH, and I honestly can’t wait to begin studying this pathway. During the last project, I joined a dedicated group in which we learned collaboration and teamwork, and the result was a hilarious 3-minute film.

This module has equipped me with the skills needed for independent learning, and pushed me towards showing the best of my abilities. I’ll continue to explore throughout the rest of my undergraduate years and I’ll remain a storyteller, curating aesthetically pleasing work.

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Alia El Maghawry (CU2001152)
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