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Mariam Bayoumy
Interior Architecture-Foundation student

Hello! I am Mariam Bayoumy, a student seeking interior design and architecture to be my future career. Foundation year in design and media was a difficult yet an extraordinary one. I have loved every learning stage I got to experience. It was a year packed with new information, techniques, and most importantly EXPERIMENTATIONS.
There were plenty of aspects that I have loved about this year. I really liked that i got to know and learn more about every major in Design and Media whether I liked it or not. That helped me decide what future career I would prefer. The most important thing and the thing I liked the most about this year was the number of experimentations I did. I believe that is the best thing about design and media. That we get to experiment everything to see if things work out or not. At the beginning it might’ve seemed hard but I realized how it extremely affects the learning process.
My favorite module out of the three was the second module. That is because we got to work learn about the three majors of Design and Media: Interior, Graphic, and Digital. I really liked that every week was dedicated for a different major but was all revolving around one main objective which was a lost object. I liked how I got to create a character from that lost object. And then my attempt to create a house for that character which is supposed to resemble his characteristics that I also got from that lost object. Then to create a poster for that same character. And finally, to film an animated video of my made-up character. And with all these steps I got to experience the work of an interior architect, a graphic designer, and a digital media creator. Which then helped me make my decision of my future pathway.
At the beginning, I thought foundation year is of no importance but after I have finished this year, I realized how crucial it is for me to build the base for my future years in Design and Media.

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