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Judy Youssef
Digital Media Student

Hi! I am Judy Youssef. I study Digital Media at the School of Design and Media at Coventry University. I take pleasure in photography, video editing and digital art. This year has been a rollercoaster of experiences for me. I was excited about the amount of exploring that I was about to witness, starting with the first semester when I tried all majors, Interior Architecture, Graphic Design, and Digital Media. Then going on to the second semester when we tried a group project for the first time, which I very much enjoyed. In addition, in the second half of the semester, we had an individual project, which felt like a real-life job. This part is where we truly got the chance to explore our major since we were totally alone with the basics that we learned throughout the year. I got the opportunity to go take videos outside my house for the first time which gave me confidence in using my camera outdoors without feeling like I am anxious. In conclusion, this year was very beneficial for me as I got a deeper dive into my interests and I felt like this is what I truly want for my future.

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